Stalkface ist ein Online-Tool zum Verfolgen Ihrer Freunde auf Facebook. Es ist kostenfrei, Sie brauchen nur den Link zu einem Facebook Profil.

Stalk Scan does not violate Facebook's privacy settings. 'Only me' stays 'only me'. It only shows hidden content you have access to. In Detail. StalkScan is a tool that shows all public information for a given Facebook profile. It doesn't involve any hack or hacking, it just displays public info from Facebook's official graph search. The Simple Way Apple and Google Let Domestic Abusers Stalk The Simple Way Apple and Google Let Domestic Abusers Stalk Victims. I left the app running nonetheless, but it was so power-hungry that by that afternoon it sent me a notification that it was HOW TO SEE WHO STALKS YOU ON FACEBOOK !!! - YouTube

May 29, 2015

Nov 06, 2019

Be assured that app designers are constantly prodding Facebook for workarounds that take you past the Facebook privacy rules, and every once in a while, a designer finds an inroad. Generally, when this happens, an app that actually does return interesting information about your profile views has a ticking lifespan, which ends when Facebook

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