the router. For FTP, the ports should be opened, when an inboundconnection is detected on port 21. (If you have a router that can actually pull this off, let me know, and I will rewrite this section.) Some more advanced routers are even FTP aware, and will open up the appropriate port based on what it can read from the communication between

Apr 03, 2014 How to setup UPnP when Xlight FTP Server is behind Xlight FTP Server will automatically open FTP ports for virtual servers in the router through UPnP. When FTP Server behind broadband router, UPnP is a fast way to setup. But beaware of its limitation. UPnP can have compatibility problem, and the UPnP implementation in the broadband router may be buggy. Xlight FTP Server may not be work How to use passive mode with a router - Wing FTP Software Sep 29, 2009 How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows using IIS Finally, you’ll need to forward the FTP port on your router to your local computer that is hosting the FTP server. Port Forward is a great site to show you how to forward ports on your router to computers on your home network. You should also read my other posts on port forwarding and dynamic DNS:

Take FTP server as an example, you have to forward port 21 to the LAN IP of Turbo NAS, e.g. forward TCP port 21 to When the NAT router receives packets from the WAN side to the external port 21, the router will forward these packets to the LAN IP of Turbo NAS.

Setting up an FTP server behind a Linksys router

Solved: setting up router for ftp filezilla server