Leaps and Bounds is a pediatric therapy center providing a variety of therapies for children of all ages and abilities. Our expert staff is trained to address any area that impedes a child's performance at home, at school, or in the community.

Leaps’n Bounds uses a curriculum based on research and studies that strongly indicate that children learn and develop most effectively through active exploration and involvement. We design lesson plans to provide age-appropriate learning objectives that will encourage and challenge children to explore and experiment with materials and Leaps and Bounds Children's Therapy, West Seattle Leaps and Bounds West Seattle Children's Therapy: Growing Great Achievers. Providing Occupational and Physical Therapy services for children of all abilities. Specializing in Sensory Processing, Kindergarten Readiness, and Motor Development. Individual and group sessions, having fun in … What's the meaning of 'leaps and bounds'? - Quora Jul 31, 2018 Leaps And Bounds | Preschool

Leaps and Bounds Children's Therapy, West Seattle

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