Microsoft Surface 2 64GB Tablet - Windows RT 8.1, 10.6" 1920x1080 LCD Touchscreen, 64GB Storage, 2GB Memory, Front and Rear Camera (P4W-00001) Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Black - 64GB, 10.6" Add to Cart

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The Surface RT and Surface 2 (non-pro models) unfortunately have no official upgrade path to Windows 10. The latest version of Windows they will run is 8.1 Update 3. I am curious what you are trying to do that your having trouble with it. Perhaps a solution could still be found evening without upgrading to Windows 10.

Upgrade your Windows experiences & get more productive with Surface. See what’s new including Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, Surface Headphones 2 & Surface Earbuds. Shop the latest on Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 3 & Surface Pro 7. Surface 2 - Can it upgrade to Windows 10 - Microsoft Community May 08, 2020 Microsoft Surface 2 (32 GB): Computers

Oct 29, 2013 · Armed with some significant upgrades, this year's Microsoft Surface 2 is hoping to be a more well-rounded offering in the hopes that it can tangle with the greats in the space.

New Surface devices, along with new innovations in Windows and Office 365, offer more performance and productivity across your whole Today we are proud to share four new Surface products with the Products built for We put our hearts… Read more Oct 25, 2013 · With the new $450 Surface 2, it hopes to prove to the world that Windows RT 8.1 is worth using. It’s going head to head with an army of new, more affordable Android tablets, and a refreshed The Microsoft Surface 2 is the worthy successor to the original Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Using a form of Microsoft Windows (Windows RT) designed for ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processors, the kind of processors typically seen in smart phones and Android tablets, the Surface 2 is responsive and sensitive. Surface 2 is compatible with printers, mice, speakers, and other devices that have the Designed for Windows RT 8.1 logo. These devices work right out of the box—and you don't have to install drivers.