Sep 03, 2003

These are called "zero day" viruses and can be targeted at specific hardware/firmware systems. For people wanting to work back to 20th century cyber war, I suggest "The Hut Sux Story" about the Enigma machines of WW2 and "Cuckoo's Egg" about foreign attempts to hack into NORAD. Zero Days (2016) - IMDb Jul 08, 2016 Zero Day (2011) READ ONLINE FREE book by David Baldacci in

Jun 20, 2016

Jan 23, 2004

This is not a final Zero-day in her row, ” I have one more 0day.” says in her blog post. You can follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook for daily Cybersecurity updates also you can take the Best Cybersecurity courses online to keep your self-updated.

Zero Day was founded in December 2012 by Chuck Embs and Tim Hunnicutt in Chuck’s business office in Dewitt Michigan. Chuck and Tim were two men that were passionate and committed to providing careers for Veterans. They were inspired to create Zero Day after learning about the large amount of homeless Veterans living in the Lansing, Michigan