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AdvisoryBoard - GNOME Wiki! The GNOME Advisory Board members are representatives of organizations and companies that support GNOME and have an interest in the future of the project. While the Advisory Board does not have decision-making authority for the GNOME Foundation, its members communicate with the Board of Directors and help the Directors guide the overall Parental Advisory | Rating System Wiki | Fandom 2020-7-11 · Parental Advisory is the name of a copyrighted radio recording symbol used since 1985 on CDs and other music recordings that contain inappropriate lyrics dealing with language, violence, sex, or other normally taboo topics.There are often clean versions of tapes with Parental Advisory stickers. The content label once read "EXPLICIT LYRICS" until around 2001, but the "EXPLICIT CONTENT" version

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2020-7-23 · Le Parental Advisory (en français : Avertissement parental) est écrit au-dessus d' Explicit Content (précédemment Explicit Lyrics).Cet avertissement est créé en 1985 aux États-Unis par la Recording Industry Association of America à la suite des pressions du Parents Music Resource Center.Ce logo se trouve en bas de certains CD d'artistes chanteurs. IFRS Advisory Council – Wikipedia

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