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With everyone working from home, VPN security is now Mar 24, 2020 Azure VPN Gateway: About P2S routing | Microsoft Docs Windows clients can access VNet1, VNet2, and VNet4, but the VPN client must be downloaded again for any topology changes to take effect. Non-Windows clients can access VNet1, VNet2, and VNet4. Multiple VNets connected using an S2S VPN. In this example, the Point-to-Site VPN gateway connection is for VNet1. VNet1 is connected to VNet2 using a Always On VPN Bug in Windows 10 2004 | Richard M. Hicks Jun 25, 2020 FREE VPN Access w/ the AmpliFi Teleport app by Ubiquiti

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NCP Network Access Control (NAC) for Remote Access Depending on the result, the end device is allowed network access or put into quarantine ; After compliance to the security policies is restored, the end device is allowed access to applications and the corporate network. If the end device does not comply, it is disconnected; Our NAC software operates in real time and recognizes all accessing Detecting Unusual VPN Access and Best Practices to Secure

Zscaler Private Access as an alternative to VPN

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