I like my Sky BB but the wireless signal is pretty weak upstairs. I've been impressed with signal strength friends get with the BT Home Hub routers - seems 10x more powerful than my Sky Netgear router.

2020-7-17 · Sky isn’t alone in this as Virgin’s new Super Hub also omits a USB port, but BT’s Home Hub 2, 3 and 4 all support it and one USB port is common on most third party routers. TalkTalk Routers: Amazon.co.uk 2020-7-6 · "The best router I have ever had - by a country mile! Well done TalkTalk" - by TonyDataMan (United Kingdom) November 2017. I had been with TalkTalk on the Huawei HG533 for a few years, enjoying 30Mbps down and 1.7Mbps up. I have an extender in … Solved: Replacement router - NOW TV Community Hi, our house was was struck by lightening 3 weeks ago. It has blown the router up and we require a new router. I have been on hold for 30 mins twice and still not spoken to anyone still as I understand phone lines are busy. Please help. Many thanks Trev666 Sky Q box not connecting to router - Page 4 - Sky Community Eventually (having read through the forum), used a long cat 5 cable from the router down the hall, into the living room and into the Sky Q box - everything fine. Looks like the issue is either the box or the hub. The thing is everything works fine off of the router wifi (both 2.4ghz and …

I bought it to replace the Sky Hub SR102 router, but have been unable to get my sky fibre connection to work with the D7800. Is this not possible? I like what I read about the router, but its way overpriced to simply use as a wireless router. Can the router be made to work with sky fibre, or will I have to return it?

Yes you can use your own router - if it has option

2020-6-26 · Yeah the sky router is all in one and they’re a bit ahead of the game there but it is pretty poor really. That Draytek sounds good but is a bit spendy, I’d rather lose the OpenReach modem if

Solved: Replacement router - NOW TV Community