3. What are the default IP address, username, and password of the Linksys EA9500? The default IP address for this router is and admin is the default router password. 4. What is a router password hint? The Linksys EA9500 allows you to set up a router password hint. This is very useful should you forget your password during login.

Default username and password? - Linksys Community Maybe the IP Address of the router isn't the default. Check the IP Address of the Default Gateway on a computer directly connected to the router via Ethernet cable. The Default Gateway will be the router IP Address. Also try Chrome browser. PC command to find Default Gateway or link in … Linksys EA3500 Smart Wi-Fi N750 review and specifications You can attach a compatible USB printer to the Linksys EA3500 Smart Wi-Fi N750 device. It has built-in NAS functionality. USB ports 1 x USB 2.0 Print server yes File server yes Administration. The default IP addresses of the Linksys EA3500 Smart Wi-Fi N750 device is These address allows you to access the router's console login page

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User Guide - Linksys RE6500 4. Leave the User name field blank, and enter the default password “admin.” 5. Click OK. Windows 8, Windows 7, or Vista: 1. Open Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8). Click Network. Look for the RE6500 icon on the right panel. (You might be required to change the firewall settings to allow the display of networked computers. Refer to