2014-10-13 · 64G版iPhone 6仅6099 今年九月份,iPhone 6如约而至,该机的发售再次掀起了“果粉”抢购潮。这款手机共分为4.7英寸iPhone 6和5.5英寸iPhone 6 Plus两个版本。其中,4.7英寸iPhone 6不但拥有强劲的处理器,而且外观与前代产品也大有改变。 iPhone 6正面

Oct 21, 2014 · At 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 gives you 85 percent as much screen as the Galaxy S5 does: The Galaxy S5 gives you 18 percent more screen than the iPhone 6 does (Photo: Will Shanklin/Gizmag.com) Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Compare phone and tablet specifications of up to three devices. Type a model name in the search field of our phone comparison tool or pick a popular device from the ones below. May 05, 2014 · The iPhone 6 looks a little smaller in size than Samsung Galaxy S5 in these images. The next flagship is much thinner and sleek-looking when stacked up against its predecessor, the iPhone 5s. May 08, 2015 · iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5: camera The iPhone 6 has an 8 MP iSight camera with True Tone flash and f/2.2 aperture. There's also a new iSight sensor with faster auto-focus that promises to be double the

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iPhone 6逆天了!销量破千万比三星S5快了8倍 iPhone 6/Plus发售3天后销量为1000万,iOS 8更新率仅30% iPhone 6/Plus/5s/三星S5谁的屏幕更好? 千万不要买16G iPhone 6,看完这8个原因你就知道了 iPhone 6就这么“来了”! 叫板新iPhone:三星怒发Galaxy iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5: In-Depth Spec Comparison | Digital Exterior frame aside, the S5 touts a larger 5.1-inch display, one offering 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution opposed to the iPhone 6’s 1334 x 750-pixel resolution.

2019-9-11 · 新增健康功能,更独立的 watchOS 6 今年苹果在 Apple Watch S5 上更新了 64 位的 S5 处理器。但苹果在发布会上并没有把更多的笔墨放在处理性能的提升上

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